Minutes 23rd May 2019

Minutes 23rd May 2019


THURSDAY 23rd MAY  2019


Amanda Caldwell, Angela Peaker, Danny Leech, Rich Richardson, Mags Bryson, Robert Hustwick,
Sophie Whittaker, Anne Sherriff

Apologies:     Elliot Collins, Peter Edwards


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and apologies were noted.


The minutes of the meeting of 11th April 2019 were approved.


A total of £219,700 has been received from Local Trust being £54,700 which is the 1st half of funding for 2018/2019, £90K allocated to the Rastrick Juniors Football Club and the Friends of Rastrick Library and £75K for Space@Field Lane.

The expenditure from 1st March to 21st May 2019 is £113,435.  CFFC currently hold £106,265 together with £18,484 from 2017-2018 which is to be returned to Local Trust.


The Big Local connects event is on 13th and 14th September in Nottingham.

A discussion took place regarding the timescale for amending the current plan which runs out on 31st October.   We will need to submit any revisions by early October or, if necessary, apply for an extension until the end of the year.   A plan review meeting has been scheduled for Saturday 25th May 2019.  Action: Decision needed on whether to apply for an extension


(a)          Voice your Choice 1

Danny has had a meeting with Rastrick Juniors Football Club .  They are considering different options for a club house and will contact us when this plan is in place.  They have queried whether they could draw down a small amount of funding and it was agreed to discuss this again when we have details of their amended plan.

Voice your Choice 3

The funding for the Friends of Rastrick Library has been received and CFFC and CMBC will liaise directly regarding this.

Voice your Choice 5

Voting started on 20th May with the closing date being 9th June 2019.  We have not had a response from the schools due to them being closed for spring bank.  With this in mind it was agreed to extend the voting deadline for schools until 16th June 2019, if necessary.

(b)  Community Small Grants

There have not been any new applications to the Community small grants fund and we will look at how we can market this to local groups.

Focus4Success have relocated their activity sessions to the Arncliffe Centre.  The success of these sessions is being reviewed.

We are still awaiting the £5K contribution from CFFC to the small grants fund.

RBL currently use Mailchimp to circulate newsletter and will continue to look at whether this is the most effective.  Other sites able to perform the same task are Mailerlite and Sendingblue.

Action: Mags and Angela to liaise on contacting groups re small grants fund.

(c)           Marketing/website:

We had a presence at the Spring Market on 28th April 2019.  An invite was extended to the projects bidding for the VYC funding.  Rastrick Cricket Club attended to highlight their VYC project for this year.  .

It was agreed that we would look into the cost of purchasing pull up banners to continue to advertise RBL around the community.  Action:  Danny to look at pull up banners


The cloud storage folders have now been set up and 2plus1 can install software on computers for ease of access.  They have provided user and password information together with a link for members to access if it is not appropriate for software to be installed on their computers.  The next step is to transfer relevant information over. Action:  Angela to transfer information over.

(d)    Treasurers Report

The balance at the meeting on 11th April 2019 was £837.78.  The bank charges are yet to be returned to CFFC. The audit is currently being undertaken.  After expenses, the balance at 23rd May 2019 is £881.47

Action:  Angela to return bank charges to CFFC.


The first two payments of a total of £110K have been made to Space@Field Lane and the work is on schedule.  They are holding a “drop in” on 2 July 2019 from 2.00 pm until 7.00 pm for the Community.

Regarding the Brighouse Foodbank application this application has still not been progressed.

7.            ANY OTHER BUSINESS

(a)          The Chief Executive of Local Trust, Matt Leach, visited on 12th April 2019.  We took him on a tour of Bradley Woods, the library and Space@Field Lane followed by lunch at the Sun Inn, Rastrick.

(b)          The Lord Lieutenant paid a visit to RBL on 10th May 2019 and was taken on a tour of Space@Field Lane.  It was a successful event with the Lord Lieutenant offering to help RBL in any way that he could.


The date of the next meeting is 4th July 2019 at 5.30 pm at the Arncliffe Centre.