How far have we come and what do we want to do next?

Rastrick Big Local are currently 5 years into their ten year plan to make Rastrick “a better place to live”.

We have offered opportunities of support to a lot of local projects that continue to deliver a difference to local people.  We want to improve and enhance these opportunities over the coming 5 years.

We need to celebrate and record all the work carried out so far and the changes it has made to local people.

We would like this to be an accessible resource and innovative in its delivery and presentation.

This resource should be easy for local people to access and use and reflect the most effective and simple way of getting our message and aims across.

This 5 year review also needs to help local people have a way to get involved and shape how Rastrick Big Local goes forward for the next 5 years. We welcome the involvement of the local community and new ideas at all levels that will enable us to better engage with local people and make Rastrick “an even better place to live!”

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