Voice your Choice 2019 – Proposal Deadline 1st March

Rastrick is one of a number of areas in the national Big Local programme that has been allocated funding to enable local residents to make a substantial and lasting difference to their community.

Rastrick Big Local HD63 (RBL), the group that oversees this process, has set up the Voice Your Choice initiative to enable local people to make decisions about where the money should be invested and which proposals should be funded.

Rastrick residents have chosen the theme of the Environment for investment this coming year 2019/20. RBL is therefore looking for proposals for practical and deliverable projects that will have a positive and lasting impact on the Environment for members of the Rastrick community.

Proposals have to be with RBL by 1st March 2019

If you have a proposal which you would like us to consider then you can download the application form and guidance here.