Minutes 14th August 2019

Minutes 14th August 2019




Peter Edwards, Angela Peaker, Rich Richardson, Elliot Collins, Sophie Whittaker, Mags Bryson, Anne Sherriff
Christine Beal (Space); Leanne Jones (Space)

Apologies:     Amanda Caldwell, Danny Leech


Peter the vice-chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and apologies were noted.


The minutes of the meeting of 10th July 2019 were approved.

3.            LTO UPDATE

There was no representation from CFFC but a financial updated was provided.

This year a total of £219,700 has been received with £18,484 brought forward from 2017-2018.

An amount of £162,945 has been spent / returned.

The funds currently held by CFFC are £75,239.  A summary of the total spend for the 5 year period with the actual and committed spend is £528,711.

4.            BL REP UPDATE

In early August Lisa-Marie Giquel from Local Trust visited RBL as they are undertaking a research project with six areas.    Angela , Peter and Anne entertained her with a visit to some of the projects funded.  Since the visit she has recommended a couple of seminars which may be beneficial these being https://localtrust.org.uk/big-local/programme-guidance/how-to-measure-change/ and  https://localtrust.org.uk/big-local/support-partners/media-trust/
Angela to email info to members for interest

Anne has spoken with Stockport Big Local regarding a visit and a suggested date is 12th October 2019.
Action:  Angela to email date

A partial review of the plan was undertaken and we will continue with this at the meeting in September.  Anne has suggested that a plan for the next 5 years be completed.  There still remains around £500,000 of the funding to be spent.     It was agreed that we request an extension until 31st December to complete the review.
Action:  Angela to email Local Trust to request an extension.


(a)          Voice your Choice 1

There has been no further update from Rastrick Juniors and no financial draw down is in place, this will be considered if or when RBL receive an updated.

Voice your Choice 3

The funds have been released to CFFC for the Friends of Rastrick Library and works commenced at the start of August.   A contract between CFFC and CMBC for signature is in progress.

Voice your Choice 5

Rastrick Cricket Club – a draft contract has been completed and is with CFFC for any amendments and signature.

Cromwell Bottom – a contract meeting has been completed with– Wildlife Woods and Water who were awarded £22,130.  A revised plan has been drawn up as the funds  awarded do not meet the complete cost for the pathway.  A discussion of the sub-group will take place to discuss this further.
Action:  Danny to progress.

(b)  Community Small Grants

Two applications have been approved – Brighouse Arts Festival £1,500 and Field Lane School PTA £1,500. We are awaiting the return of the forms to transfer funds.

Focus4Success  – Mags met with them to discuss the monitoring provided and it was agreed that some funding was used for items not agreed. They agreed to return £350 to RBL.

Small Grants Panel is confirmed as Mags, Amanda, Angela and Peter.

(c)           Marketing/website

The pop up banners are in the process of being produced.


We are continuing to update the website with events around the Community.   There are now around 420 on the mailing list for newsletters etc.

(d)    Treasurers Report

The audit of the Rastrick Big Local has now been finalised and after  payment of £20 for this to be undertaken the balance of the Rastrick Big Local account is £5766.37.


There are two new potential applications to the Big Impact from St Matthews and St Johns Church, they have not been submitted and the sub-group should consider seeing the draft proposals to be aware of the content.  For clarification members of the sub-group are Amanda, Danny, Sophie and Rich.
Action:  Danny to progress

A discussion took place about the RBL proposal to fund a trial advisory service from the Credit Union and Debt Recovery Service at the Space@Field Lane.   It was agreed that whilst Space and RBL would be happy to market this through social media it would also be down to both groups to market it as well.  Mags and Elliot suggested that this may also be promoted through Together Housing.

7.            ANY OTHER BUSINESS

The Space@Field Lane event is on 7th September 2019 starting at 1.00 pm until 4.00 pm.    It was agreed that RBL would fund the provision of an ice cream van and ask that a survey be completed so as to engage with the Community.


The date of the next meeting is 19th September 2019 from 5.30 pm until 8.30 pm at the Arncliffe Centre.