Voice your Choice

Voice your Choice


The date for submitting proposals is now closed.

How Voice your Choice Works.

Voice your Choice is a participatory budgeting scheme.  We believe this is the fairest, most transparent way of involving the Community and giving them a say on how the £1M is spent.   Over the next 3 years the amount of £65,000 funding per year has been allocated to Voice your Choice.

The process is that the Community are asked to vote on a number of different issues.  The issue chosen by the Community for 2018 is “Children and “Young People”.   We have invited groups and organisations to submit a bid for their project.  This funding stream closed at the end of February and we are now going through the applications to assess them for feasibility.

After the closing date, the next stage of the procedure is to ask every household  via our Voice your Choice voting form to choose which project they think should receive the funding, we count the votes and we then announce the winner!  If the winning bid isn’t requesting the  full £65,000 then the remaining money goes to the next project down and so on!   It’s  all about the Community getting involved by participating and choosing what they think the money should be spent on.

Voice your Choice helps to avoid short-term thinking and “quick fixes” that only serve small interest groups or may have little impact after the first year or two.

It also helps us make sure that we don’t use our resources to plug gaps in services for which the council, NHS and other statutory bodies are responsible.

It reaches or involves far more people and compares very favourably with ways that others have used to try to engage with local communities.