Voice Your Choice 4 Rules: Stage 1 

Voice Your Choice 4 Rules: Stage 1 

Voice your Choice 4 Rules: Stage 1


♦  VYC4 is a tool for delivering RBL’s long-term strategic plan.

♦  VYC4 enables people living in RBL’s area to decide:

1.  Which issue contained within RBL strategic plan should be invested in during the forthcoming year (stage 1).

2.  Which proposal should be supported in order to address the chosen issue (stage 2)

RBL believes that through VYC4, every local person should have the opportunity to make these types of decisions, rather than them being made by a small group of people.

The Rules (Deciding on an Issue: Stage 1)

Principles around voting

1.   Each person makes an individual decision at the time of voting and is free to vote as they wish.

2.  As voting is an individual act, no lobbying is permitted at the time of voting.

Who can Vote

3.  To be eligible to vote, a person must:

  • Live or attend a school within the Rastrick BL area (all HD63 postcodes and those HD61 postcodes south of the River Calder) see map at Rastrick Big Local Big
  • Meet the minimum age requirement (minimum age: children must be in at least year 6 of primary school)

How People Vote

4.   Every person eligible to vote will have ONE vote that they can cast for whichever of the issues (set out on the voting form) that they choose.

5.  Only votes cast using the Household Voting Form or online at Rastrick Big Local will be counted.

6.  Where household voting forms are used, they should be returned to official voting stations (details on the voting form).

7.  For their vote to count, the person voting must include their name, address and gender on the appropriate part of the voting form.

8.  In addition to the above, in order to ensure that the broadest numbers of people have an opportunity to vote, RBL may organise planned voting events (e.g. at care homes). In these cases completed Household Voting Forms will be returned directly to RBL at each event.

The Results

9.  At the end of the voting period, all votes will be counted and independently verified.

10. The issue that gets the most votes will be the theme which is funded in 2018 and for which proposals will be invited from local groups and organisations.  Where two issues each attract over 35% of the vote, proposals will be invited in relation to both those themes.