2016 Voice your Choice Fruit for All – PICK YOUR OWN – 2nd Place

In 2016 Fruit for All came 2nd and were awarded £20,000 via Voice your Choice 2.   The group has planted 16 mini orchards across Rastrick (over 500 fruit trees and nearly 200 fruit bushes).  The original submission for funds covered the cost of paying a contractor to undertake this work.  However local schools and other groups assisted in planting up the orchards which saved on the expense of paying a contractor.  As a result of this help, Fruit for All did not have to draw on all the funding awarded which has enabled Rastrick Big Local to use this on other projects.

To find out more visit Fruit for All

Carr Green – planting of the trees in 2016




Bearing fruit in 2018








A flower border has also been planted to enhance the area.

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