Project F for 2019: Rastrick Toddler Play Area and Health and Fitness Trail (Rastrick Plays Better)

Project F for 2019: Rastrick Toddler Play Area and Health and Fitness Trail (Rastrick Plays Better)

Rastrick Plays Better, a residents-led community group, has successfully completed the refurbishment of 4 green play spaces since 2016.

To assist and enhance this development, RPB proposes to develop a toddler specific play area at the Malham Road green space and to link a further 4 suitable green spaces in Rastrick with a series of dynamic low maintenance, multi-functional exercise installations.

This project will then enable the Malham Road toddler area to encourage childrens fitness and link a “trail” across the Rastrick green spaces which will include maps and instructions that children, young people and families can use to improve exercise opportunities and celebrate the green spaces and improve the environment available in Rastrick for local residents and the wider community.

Following consultation with the local community regarding what items of toddler play equipment they would wish to be in place and how they would like to see the trail develop.

Information will be located at each of the proposed sites stating equipment use, community training days and website maps. Development of an App to guide residents around the trail associated with relevant health information, (e.g. distances, “heart” miles, etc).

Several versions of the toddler park will be available for consultation and varying versions of the exercise trail routes will be produced and made available to the community through social media, websites and advertising and will tie in with local tourism information.

The equipment planned is BS standard, ultra-low maintenance and safe for all users. There are no breakable or fallible parts, once in place it will be sustainable as a community asset for the foreseeable future.

It is RPB’s aim to engage with all sectors and ages of the Rastrick community to continue to improve the environment and encourage well-being for children, young people and families coming together in shared open-spaces.



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