Project D for 2019: Get Into Nature (Nature Connected and Live Wild)

Project D for 2019: Get Into Nature (Nature Connected and Live Wild)

Get Into Nature is a whole borough approach to building community health and wellbeing and creating a lasting love for the environment.

This programme enables local schools and services to get more people to connect with the benefits of nature by bringing Eco Therapy and Forest School training to teachers and community workers that do direct work with students, families and service users across the community as well as directly to students in every school in Rastrick.

The whole community will also be invited to the ‘Get Into Nature’ Community Woodland Festival which will be free and open to everyone.

The project will:

·         Train 12 new Level 3 forest school leaders

·         Train 10 existing local professionals in Eco-therapy

·         Set up and facilitate support network to promote on-going collaboration for newly trained FS Leaders and Eco-therapists

·         Forest School Programmes in every Primary School plus necessary equipment

·         Therapeutic nature connection programme and residential with Rastrick High School

·         Therapeutic nature connection training sessions for local schools staff and community support service workers

·         Workshops, family activities, stalls and traditional skills demonstrations at the ‘Get Into Nature Festival’

The project will train new workers as well as inspire existing teachers and community based workers to deliver more of their sessions in nature by training them in the skills, tools and practicalities needed to be able to do this with the people they work with far into the future.

The project will:

·         make a real impact on the community as a whole. Works with all schools and services

·         increase the involvement of residents in their community. Local people will be invited to volunteer for the Get Into Nature festival.

·         encourage  greater interaction between people. Woodland Festival promotes community interaction.

·         provide more opportunities for people to make a contribution. Increased skill set and training for local teachers and community workers.


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