Project A: Phoenix Radio – “Drawing the Line”

We are looking to use mixed media to show the power of the spoken word. It will encourage children and young people who may have been affected by bullying to explore different ways in which to communicate their feelings.

We will form a group of young people whose voices will be recorded and edited using radio production techniques. Questions will be agreed through the initial steering group formed from young people who access Rastrick Junior and Senior schools and who are between the ages of 5 and 11.

The finished sound bytes will then be visualised in two further workshops. The first one led by an illustrator, the follow up one led by an animator. The final stage will be to have the outcomes completed in 3 mediums, radio, book/postcards and animated features.

Young people who may have had their childhood disrupted through bullying and have shown resilience will turn their experience into a positive one to give other young people a stronger attitude to life.

This project will ensure that voices will be heard because of the 3 areas of communication we have chosen and the way that all 3 can stand alone on their own merit. The audio can be broadcast on FM Radio, the Internet or as a phone application.

The illustrations can be printed in book form or as individual postcards and distributed to schools and other youth venues. The animation can be viewed on line or made downloadable to portable devices.

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