Project A for 2019: Scavengers of Rastrick (Scavenger Labs Ltd)

Project A for 2019: Scavengers of Rastrick (Scavenger Labs Ltd)

Everyone knows the planet is wrecked, but it still seems hard to change our behavior. All we get is messages of doom and gloom and we feel helpless.
In our society we have so much stuff everywhere and people throw away plenty of things that are still useful and valuable, creating waste, causing pollution and costing us money.

So let’s use the situation to our advantage…

Scavengers use whatever they find. They are experts at survival, problem-solving, creativity and invention. We can learn valuable and transferable skills, save money, and make cool things like electronic musical instruments, jewellery, clothes, LED light features or giant robots with laser eyes (if you get really good at it). You could even make some money; you can buy a broken games console on Ebay for £5, spend 5 minutes putting in a new fuse, and sell it for £100! You have to know how to do it- and you can learn how.

Scavengers will involve:

–  shows and workshops in local schools

–  regular ‘break-it/fix-it’ café drop-in events where you can 
bring your broken stuff and make something new.

–  Performances and fashion shows showcasing the 
amazing stuff Rastrick people make. – 
It’s free for anyone to come, but if you’re a regular you can become an Expert Scavenger. This will involve learning more advanced skills so that you can achieve complete world domination. Or you can make yourself a career for life making interesting things, fixing things or teaching people the Scavenging skills.



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