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Project E: Sling Swing

Sling Swing is an exciting gentle movement and dance class for mums and dads or carers with their babies and toddlers in soft structured slings and baby carriers or wraps. Participants are encouraged to wear their little ones in high quality slings and carriers and […]

Project F: Burnsall Road Play Area and Rastrick Health and Fitness Trail

Rastrick Plays Better, a residents-led community group, has successfully completed the refurbishment of 2 green play spaces since 2016 and through 2017-18 plans to complete another 2 spaces. To assist and enhance this development, RPB proposes replacement of old play equipment at the Burnsall Road […]

Project G: 100 Doorsteps – Rastrickians in Words and Images

Rastrickians in Still and Moving Images The doorstep is a threshold between our public and our private lives – something we cross every day. It is a place of comings and goings where we speak to strangers, take in parcels for neighbours and share a […]

Project H: Scavengers of Rastrick

Scavengers of Rastrick is an upcycling club that runs every fortnight where you can make anything you like from free stuff: you can make your own electronic musical instruments, jewellery, motorised things, LED light features or giant robots with laser eyes (if you get really […]