Project A: Phoenix Radio – “Drawing the Line”

We are looking to use mixed media to show the power of the spoken word. It will encourage children and young people who may have been affected by bullying to explore different ways in which to communicate their feelings. We will form a group of […]

Project B: Illuminated Rastrick

During the months of October and November 2018 we will hold a series of workshops, available at no cost for all the schools in Rastrick. Working with artists who are experts in lantern making, the pupils will each create a lantern, varying in size from […]

Project C: Aye Up Rastrick Arts Festival

AYE UP RASTRICK ARTS FESTIVAL will be a not-for-profit new festival in Rastrick. A week-long festival of entertainment and arts to engage with the communities and people of Rastrick. AYE UP RASTRICK will host: EUREKA! with engaging activities for children in science, history and digital […]

Project D: Bradley Wood Scout Campside and Activity Centre Challenge Valley Project

Situated on the edge of Rastrick, Bradley Wood is a 56 acre woodland, of which a proportion of it is classified as ancient woodland. Bradley Wood, the home of West Yorkshire Scouts, is a campsite and a provider of outdoor adventurous activities. Owned by the […]