Rastrick Big Local Statement

Rastrick Library Access4All project received the majority of votes in Rastrick Big Local Voice Your Choice 2017.

One of the reasons that Rastrick Big Local uses the Voice Your Choice voting process is to help Rastrick residents choose the projects they want to happen.

We thank all the people who took part in the voting and making the vote possible. 

We also thank all those who took time and effort to put forward projects and we hope we can continue to work in some capacity with all of them through the community small grants fund and supporting them to access other funding opportunities in the future.

The RBL partnership has a process to check that all projects put forward for voting are viable.  Rastrick Library has access issues and many people have been working for a long time to get them resolved. 

The statutory responsibility for library access for people living in Rastrick with mobility, sensory and disability issues is satisfied by Brighouse library. 

Rastrick library is a vital community resource and improving the access via this project will deliver enhanced opportunities and services to local people.

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