Have you an idea? Join us at our Community evening on Thursday 9th November

Earlier this year we asked Rastrick people what the next round of Voice Your Choice funding should be spent on, they chose Children and Young People.

We are now looking for new ideas for projects that would make things better for Children and Young People in Rastrick in 2018.   Ideas should be CREATIVE/ IMAGINATIVE; LONG-LASTING; INVOLVE AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE; BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER FROM DIFFERENT PARTS OF RASTRICK; MAKE BEST USE OF RESOURCES

 Have you got any good ideas to spend money on next year? Have you seen things somewhere else that could work in Rastrick?

Find out more and bring your ideas along to our open community evening on: 

Thursday 9th November at  Rastrick Library from 7:00 pm til 8:30 pm

or contact danny.leechrblvyc@gmail.com

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