1st place: Project H – Woodhouse Lane Play Area

“ Our local park is a lovely space, with potential to be amazing”.  

 We want to create a modern, accessible, multi-age play facility and community space to benefit the whole community.  Our request to the council to provide some goals has grown…we want to bring the community together to interact, socialize, exercise and have fun in a pleasant environment.

In total we aim to raise £90,000 – we were shocked at how expensive play equipment is too! 

Our wish list was devised from local consultation (questionnaire), discussion with children at Woodhouse School and Toy Box nursery.

Our wish list:

  • Goalposts – INSTALLED
  • Roktagon – awaiting sign-off
  • Play for toddlers, primary and juniors
  • Community gardens, fruit bushes/ orchard
  • Seating
  • Bike track
  • Outdoor fitness equipment
  • Gate/ improved accessibility

This application will contribute towards play equipment and gardens.  The equipment will be fun, inspirational and offer something for all.  The gardens will include edible produce and be educational and attractive, to locals and important pollinators. 

With your support we will fundraiser until we have achieved the wish list. 

We’ve been overwhelmed by the support over the last year and would be delighted if you would consider voting ‘to bring back the fun’ to our park. 


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