2nd place: Project E – Fruit For All

300 – 400 fruit trees and bushes will be planted across the whole of the HD63 area in a series of mini orchards.

So you’ll have fruit on your doorstep and available to pick yourself.

Fruit like apples, pears, plums, quinces and damsons, gooseberries and blackcurrants.

And it’ll be FREE!!


What are the benefits?

The fruit’s fresh.

It’s healthy.

The variety will be much wider than is available in the shops.

Fruit trees also mean flowers and foliage that make the place look more attractive. And that’s also good for bees and pollinating insects.

Fruit trees can last for generations.

The trees will provide an educational resource, not just for local schools and children, but also for the rest of us, to learn new skills and maybe inspire you to start growing your own trees and bushes.



We will be looking for at least 10 sites across the area, so that virtually everyone will be less than half a mile away from a range of different fruits.



The trees and bushes will take a year or two to establish but from then on, a range of different fruits will become available throughout summer and autumn. (201)


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