What is Big Local?

What is Big Local?

The Big Local programme is a national programme, funded through the Big Lottery Fund, that invests in local communities that have often been overlooked by outside funders.

The idea is that, over a ten year period, local residents are able to come together to use the funding that has been allocated to their area to make a substantial and lasting positive difference to their communities.

Big Lottery expects that, as a result of such funding:

Communities will be better able to identify their needs and responses to them and to take action to deal with them.

  • People in the community will have increased the skills, confidence and social capital that are necessary to ensure that they continue to identify and respond to needs that matter to them in future.
  • Communities will have made a difference to the needs they had prioritised.
  • People will feel that their community is a better place in which to live.


Rastrick has had the good fortune to be included as one of 150 areas to receive this funding. As a result, it has been allocated £1m to be invested over the next decade.


Rastrick Big Local Partnership (RBLP) is the resident led group that has been established to guide the overall direction of Big Local in our area.

Amongst other things, RBLP is responsible for producing this Plan, which needs to be developed and approved at national level before funding can be accessed

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