Our LTO (Locally Trusted Organisation)

Community Foundation for Calderdale (CFfC)10394626_805890389451864_5973256316086995689_n

CFfC are RBL’s Locally Trusted Organisation – this is the organisation that we are required by Local Trust, (the national organisation that oversees Big Local), to appoint in order to enable monies to be drawn down from Local Trust.

It is part of the requirement to have a properly constituted and reliable organisation that can hold the funds, manage them correctly, keep proper financial records and report to Local Trust in line with the terms and conditions of the grant.

The Community Foundation for Calderdale (CFFC) improves lives and unites the people of Calderdale through philanthropy. Thanks to our donors and the funds they have established, we are able to work to strengthen communities across the borough. CFFC have a 23 year track record as an independent charitable grant making having distributed grants totalling over £16 million to the communities of Calderdale.

Community Foundation for Calderdale is dedicated to supporting Rastrick Big LOcal HD6 3. We have pledged to support the group not only by holding the funding on behalf of the local partnership but we also pledged a minimum of £5,000 per year for grant making to Rastrick Big Local, we will also employ a Project Worker for Rastrick Big Local and provide training and development support around fundraising; social media and marketing.

CFFC will use its business contacts broker pro bono support for a wide variety of development support to help Rastrick Big Local.

You can find out more about CFFC here www.cffc.co.uk

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